VHPA Reunion - 2000

191st Assault Helicopter Company


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AcMeeting.jpg (16277 bytes)
Jack Tiesing, Bill Janes, Don Williams, Duke Essary

donandduke.jpg (10604 bytes)
Duke Essary, Don Williams

sheehy.jpg (15409 bytes)
Sean, James, and Judy Sheehy

paul.jpg (18421 bytes)
Paul Zawicki

warstory1.jpg (18753 bytes)
Jack Tiesing and Bob Hamilton, Inventors of the War Story Machine - Second Edition
Don Williams adds his approval

View(2).jpg (37513 bytes)
The Original War Story Machine, Wrought at Bear Cat -- Seen Here at Dong Tam.
Photo Courtesy of Paul Zawicki

warstory2.jpg (14858 bytes)
Don Snyder, Jack Tiesing, Don Williams

ws3.jpg (19792 bytes)
War Story II - Control Panel

ws2.jpg (18205 bytes)
War Story II

ws6.jpg (17948 bytes)
War Story II

minnow1.jpg (19519 bytes)
Embarking for a Sail in Baltimore thanks to Paul

minnow2.jpg (30893 bytes)

Jack Tiesing, Karen, Paul Zawicki, Helly, Irene

sailing4.jpg (20357 bytes)
Bill, Paul, Irene, Karen, Jack

sailing5.jpg (22165 bytes)
Jack, Karen, Paul, Helly, Irene

sailing1.jpg (19170 bytes)
Ft. McHenry in the Background

sailing2.jpg (21732 bytes)
Getting the boat shipshape at the end of the day

harbor1.jpg (38432 bytes)
Baltimore Harbor

minnow3.jpg (33257 bytes)
More of the Crew

remembering.jpg (18875 bytes)

At the Reunion - Remembering

saddle.jpg (16022 bytes)
Bill Janes back in the Saddle again

bud.jpg (28584 bytes)
This Bud's For you - 4th of July Parade

yea_right.jpg (21619 bytes)
Paul and Bill

fireworks1.jpg (18883 bytes)
At the Capitol for July 4th, 2000 Fireworks

fireworks2.jpg (10308 bytes)
Just a sample of a fabulous show

fire1.jpg (15318 bytes)
2 a.m. False Fire Alarm at the Renaissance Hotel

fire2.jpg (22951 bytes)
D.C.'s Finest Firemen keeping us safe


NOTE:  Paul Zawicki has more photos on the Web.  Click HERE to go to the 191st Links Page