191st Assault Helicopter Company

Pictures Courtesy of Skip Waugh
with Captions by him

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Me (Skip Waugh)

Stan Sitting, Miller pointing. George Lees sitting, Pate

Hun and Yun

Me and the kids at Tan An

Pate giving kids C Rats

Playing with kids

My Favorite girls, Hun and Yun

Floyd Davis back, left Vern Owens

Tommy Dove, POL Driver

Early Days - 7 Shot pod

Tommy Dove

Hated M-16s they were always jamming...

Dean Ward and Me at Ft. Bragg

Me and Muller were the only Airborne troops in the outfit

Gordon Welch, and me

Me trying out a new bungy cord for my free gun


Peter Pilot studying map

Me, Gordon Lees, Gordon Welch, ?

Me, Dennis Muller, Robert Heinmiller

Building Bunker on the Flight Line

Loading 40mm

Richard Weske, the artist that painted my ship

Loading 40mm

Little Joe named after Welches son

1st Autorotation - shot down

Rich Fleming my door gunner

Lasting Friendships

Yes, I do windows

Hinie in front of our gun tent

Little John

Snoopy, the gun platoon mascot



PX at Bear Cat


Walkin' the skids

Cleaning Elk for the Christmas Feast

Tommy called my ship a flying circus, he always wondered why we got shot at so much. I had Weske paint Do my amee Ho Ce Min on the bottom of my ship

Rich Skinning Elk

Ready to Go

Fueling up at Tan An

August Kramer

Hinie on our shot down gun ship

Stan Cherrie

Me and Tommy Dove earning a CIB with the 9th Infantry at Rach Kien

Shot Down, again!!!

Stan Cherrie, Buckley, me, and Heinie

Dong Tam

Floyd Davis, me, and ?

Miller watching.., as usual

Harold Woods (Woody)

Woody gave me the film to take these pictures. He was killed the next day..

Shrapnel tattoo on my left forearm, my 1st Purple Heart

End of the Day cleanup

Kramer, Miller & Hawkins


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